Why Thinking Tiger?

Design it on the road

With 10 years of combined design and development expertise and some of the world's highest profile clients on our books we offer an unmatched understanding of our field. We pride ourselves on being open, honest and impartial ensuring you get the best possible results for your project.

Fit for your corporate needs

We develop all our websites using W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) XHTML Compliant code. We apply the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) standards to each and every one of the websites we create ensuring the highest levels of quality are achieved.

Conoco works so you can rest

Our clients are the most important thing to us. We build our business connections on honesty and integrity, ensuring that our relationships last years not months. We actively seek opportunities for both clients and suppliers, often going far beyond the traditional means of networking.

Set up elaborate design notifications

As every business is unique we believe your website should reflect this. Each and every website we design and create is specifically tailored to represent individual businesses whilst retaining existing corporate branding, ethics and marketing activities.

Incorporate Retina HD images

We believe in providing good advice .Even if you have decided not to sign up with us. Give us a call for free no obligation advice.

Integrate it with your design software

Thinking Tiger's support surpasses traditional support systems. we will support and train you to update and change your site.
With Thinking Tiger you get a website that is cost-effective, search-engine friendly, easy to manage contents and users and forms, easy to extend with plugins and add-ons, easy to integrate with social media and third-party tools.