E-commerce Websites

Looking to be your own boss ? If so an ecommerce Website is your best choice. Our advanced system allows you to be in control of your business at all times. with the flexibility in admin area that we set up for you which allows you to add unlimited categories and sub categories, upload product images, prices and descriptions and a whole lot more. Some of the features are listed below;

  • Add promotional codes that are date sensitive (ie. 10% off for the next 30 days only)
  • Generate advanced reports for sales
  • Bulk product uploads – upload thousands of products at once saving hours of time
  • Category live management – upload all of your January sale products in June, and then set the timer to automatically go live on 1st January for example
  • Lifetime sales – when you login see the lifetime sales you have generated !
  • Bespoke options are also available to be tailored to your needs
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