‘The analysis of web data to improve the website for it’s owner and it’s visitors ‘,

 A website’s web data can be captured by any number and various types of tools.  pretty much everything a visitor does on a site  is captured or measured.

This means if you’re interested in how long a visitor spent looking at your site on?

We have it.

Which pages they looked at in which order?

We have it.

What they searched for in google to find the site?

We have it.

How often visitors return to your site?

We have it.

Having access to reliable analytics data is essential. Thinking Tiger’s qualified Google Analytics specialists can provide you with a start to finish guide to installing analytics on your website and set up all the reports that you need to understand how your website is performing.

Google Analytics gives you access to reports about how visitors found your website, and also lets you know which keywords are the most profitable. With a properly set up analytics service on your website, you can get deeper insight into your PPC and SEO activity to make them even more effective and efficient.

With a one off set up charge, and ongoing support from our experts, our Analytics service is designed to take the mystery out of website tracking, and help you to develop your online business simply.

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